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I had a shoulder problem for a couple of months after an injury to my wrist. I couldn’t even do up my bra. After just one session with Megan, I woke the next morning, put on my bra and realised that I had no pain. Amazing!! Thanks, so much…
Merryn King | Kinesiology Client

I see Megan for massage most months that she travels to Monto. I was looking for pain relief for my lower back and I certainly get the pain relief for short periods between visits and I’m sleeping better too. Thanks Megan
Sharon McGregor | Massage Client

I went to see Megan with some nagging neck pain yesterday to simply just get a massage in the hope of some pain relief.
Well today I feel like it has improved remarkably. I have much more movement with very little pain. Over six months of pain was just about gone in 1 day.

Megan is amazing at what she does and her very professional and calming nature makes you feel at ease throughout the session. It wasn’t that I was sceptical, perhaps just a little ignorant at the importance of balancing the muscles and not just adjusting the bones to help with the pain and discomfort.

I was so enthralled yesterday that Megan gave me inspiration to learn more about Kinesiology and its wonderful benefits. I really honestly believe that if anyone out there has any problems at all with their physical or mental well-being to give Megan a go….LIKE ME YOU MIGHT BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!!

Thanks again

Jeremy Murray | Massage/Kinesiology Client

I found a couple of sessions with Megan to be like a massage for my mind. I’m glad to have found my personal Kinesiologist.
Peter Eriksson (Kinesiologist) | Kinesiology Client

I was sceptical at first, because I’ve tried so many different therapies to ease my back pain, but this has really helped me to get back to doing all the jobs on my list and my pain as reduced dramatically. First time I’ve touched my toes in 17 years.
Barry Bickley | Kinesiology Client

Megan…thank you so much for today…! I have never had Kinesiology healing! The way you conduct your healing is way beyond what you have learned….your real interest and love of what you do makes it so very powerful! Can’t wait for you to start teaching it here so I can learn it myself! My left arm is behaving so far….and I feel so young and balanced and awesome….thank you…thank you….♥
Pirkko Kanerva-Rogers | Kinesiology Client